• YOU CANT TAKE AN ELEPHANT ON THE BUS(中譯:你絕不能帶大象上公車)【李貞慧文法力】
  • 書號:AFBY0159
  • Lexile:
  • 作者: Patricia Cleveland-Peck
  • 繪者: David Tazzyman
  • 譯者:
  • 適合年齡:3~6歲
  • 規格:27.5×24.5cm/平裝/彩色/32頁
  • 出版日期: 2015年
  • ISBN:9781408849828
  • 定價:$384
  • 售價:$288


You can't take an elephant on the bus ...
It would simply cause a terrible fuss!

Elephants' bottoms are heavy and fat
and would certainly squash the seats quite flat.

Never put a camel in a sailing boat, or a tiger on a train, and don't even THINK about asking a whale to ride a bike ... This riotous picture book is filled with animals causing total disaster as they try to travel in the most unsuitable vehicles. A real romp of a book, with hilarious rhyming text and spectacular