• READ BOOK LEMMINGS < 中譯: 小旅鼠沒讀過這本書 >
  • 書號:AFRF1297
  • Lexile:
  • 作者: Ame Dyckman
  • 繪者: Zachariah OHora
  • 譯者:
  • 適合年齡:3~6歲
  • 規格:25.5x25.5cm/平裝/彩色/32頁
  • 出版社:RED FOX
  • 出版日期: 2018年
  • ISBN:9781783446551
  • 定價:$384
  • 售價:$303



最後狐狸發現,原來旅鼠根本一個字也看不懂,這下傷腦筋了! 狐狸有辦法教會旅鼠們識字,並阻止牠們再跳下去嗎?而旅鼠們之後還會做出什麼荒唐的事情嗎?


"Lemmings don't jump off cliffs." It says so right here in Foxy’s book. There’s just one problem: the lemmings haven't read it. Welcome aboard the S.S. Cliff for a hilarious arctic adventure as first mate Foxy and Captain Polar Bear try to get these little guys to just READ THE BOOK!

‘An off-the-wall lesson about the value of facts… Children will laugh, be encouraged to read and be glad to Know Better.’ Sunday Times
‘A new favourite in our house… full of wit and exuberance, perfect for visually sophisticated modern children.’ Irish Independent