• WE PLANTED A TREE /環保/愛地球/綠化/保育陸域生態
  • 書號:AFRH2994
  • Lexile:
  • 作者: Diane Muldrow
  • 繪者: Bob Staake
  • 譯者:
  • 適合年齡:3~6歲
  • 規格:20x25.5cm/平裝/彩色/40頁
  • 出版日期: 2016年
  • ISBN:9780553539035
  • 定價:$315
  • 售價:$249




In this simple poem with environmental themes, illustrated by award-winning artist Bob Staake, two young families in two very different parts of the world each plant a tree. As the trees flourish, so do the families . . . while trees all over the world help clean the air, enrich the soil, and give fruit and shade.

With a nod to Kenya’s successful Green Belt Movement, Diane Muldrow’s elegant text celebrates the life and hope that every tree—from Paris to Brooklyn to Tokyo—brings to our planet. Now in paperback, this book can be enjoyed by children in classrooms everywhere.