• I USED TO BE AFRAID/精裝書【李貞慧文法力】
  • 書號:AFHH1991
  • Lexile:
  • 作者: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
  • 繪者: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
  • 譯者:
  • 適合年齡:3~6歲
  • 規格:21cmX22.5cm/精裝/彩色/40頁
  • 出版社:HENRY HOLT
  • 出版日期: 2015年
  • ISBN:9781596436312
  • 定價:$665
  • 售價:$525

There are a lot of things to be afraid of in this world: spiders, the dark, being alone. In this simple, beautifully-crafted picture book, acclaimed author/illustrator Laura Vaccaro Seeger shows that what seems scary at first, can become magical. It all depends on perspective. Using die-cuts, learn that a scary spider can actually produce an intricate and gorgeous web and that sometimes the dark can transform into a magical night sky. You'll be surprised, awed, and inspired by this clever book.