• 書號:AFSC4122
  • Lexile:
  • 作者: Tedd Arnold
  • 繪者: Tedd Arnold
  • 譯者:
  • 適合年齡:3~6歲
  • 規格:15×22.5cm/精裝/彩色/32頁
  • 出版日期: 2012年
  • ISBN:9780545222761
  • 定價:$245
  • 售價:$194

The New York Times-bestselling Fly Guy series goes on an action-packed adventure by boat, train, plane, and beyond!

Dad takes Fly Guy and Buzz for a car ride, but in a funny and wacky turn of events, Fly Guy is blown out of the car window and into a passing truck, where he lands in the driver's mouth! The driver spits him out, and Fly Guy tumbles onto a boat. Fly Guy then winds up on a circus train with an elephant and then an airplane ... and he just misses taking off with a rocket ship!

This easy-to-read adventure concludes with Buzz, Dad, and Fly Guy returning home on a bike. Fly Guy loves RIDEZZZ!